Experts Tips in Wearing a Boho Dress

When it comes to fashion, the majority of women see to it that they are never out of style or trend. With the various styles to choose from, they can definitely choose the one that best suit their fashion style and personality. But last summer, women, teens and young adults has reunited to wear the same fashion style that is perfect for the intense summer heat.

They go for the ropa estilo boho or Bohemian Dresses. To define, Bohemian Fashion or Boho Chic is a fashion style that draws on different hippie and bohemian influences. This style has been greatly associated with a certain actress last 2005 which is Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss.

These days, Boho style is becoming a “state of mind” than another trend that will eventually fade in time. Like the other fashion styles that last for a long time, the Boho fashion is women’s way of expressing themselves and to connect with the world they are in. It also allows them to enhance their selves by using the flavors of the culture. The Boho Fashion style involves tops, skirts, and dresses.

For now, let us tackle about Bohemian Dresses.

To be compared with other types of dresses, the Bohemian dresses are looser. It looks really flowing and sometimes it looks drapey with some vintage and ethnic prints on. The range of dresses of Bohemian can be classified from tunic, maxi, strapless, and kimono. All of the said dresses are really great in providing a pretty but relaxing fashion statement for women. This is the reason on why the majority of girls young and old prefer the Boho styles during the hot summer days.

With the various types of Boho dress available, how can one find the right dress or how they style their boho inspired dress? To answer that, here are some helpful tips in styling a Bohemian inspired Outfit of the day.

  • Like we said before, Bohemian dresses come in various styles that can pull up a Boho fashion style. Purely depending on the details, shape and style of the dress, they can go from sweet, ethereal, rugged and glamorous. For a sample, they can achieve a peasant girl look by selecting a dress with lace and some embroidery details. They could easily complete the whole look with a braided hippie hair band.
  • They could create Juxtaposition. This can be achieved by updating any polished look with a mixed and match boho with contemporary. In simpler term, they should combine their boho dress with something that is more modern. This could be a classy piece of accessory or garments so for a complete boho look. They should pair a boho dress with a classy blazer or a pearl earring.
  • They could pair it up with a legging. Although pairing up a short bohemian dress with leggings can appear like a child like a move it is much better compare to pairing it with some heavy jeans. They just have to know the proper way of wearing it. If they pull off the whole and add up some chic factor like high heels. Their Bohemian inspired look will not only work for the summer but it will also be an ideal winter and fall attire.