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Important Signs to Mind about In Buying Antique Items

Many of us are fond of collecting different items. Some collects toy cars, shoes, bags, scarves and especially antiques. Yes antiques, when we say antique these are items that normally came from the past but are still present today.

Some are collecting antiques due to its beauty, they just love old stuff or they hope to withhold its value. But due to the fact that antique items such furniture and accessories came from the past, antique lovers can only purchase them on selected stores or on tienda de antiguedades online.

As they purchase antique to be added on their collection, they should be knowledgeable about the five signs which could tell if an antiques is valuable or not.

  1. Antiques RARITY

When we say rarity, if they are the only one among the town, country or even city holding that item, they could consider it as a very valuable item. Aside from that, an item can be considered rare if it does not reach the market place, it the item is too large than the normal, too ugly or too loud that could count as a rare item.


Although antiques came from the past, its collectors have a different perspective when it comes to its aesthetic designs, every collector is different and the design they are seeking for usually depends on their personal taste. As they look for a new antique for collection, they should check out museums and even galleries so that they can thoroughly choose the one they really want.

  1. The Antiques APPEAL

A true valuable antique has a different appeal to experienced antique collector. For a regular person, antiques are similar with each other but with collectors or lovers, valuable antiques have a different kind of aura they cannot really explain. It’s like the item is showcasing their origin just by the way it is crafted and how it looks in the present.


A valuable antique is accompanied with great history on when it came from and if the antique is the real thing or not. Before purchasing an antique, collectors are doing a comprehensive research to ensure that the piece they are planning to buy is the real thing and not a replica. For regular persons who are thinking of buying antiques, they should seek help from an antique expert before they avail.

  1. The Antiques Current CONDITION

In antique buying, people should abide with this rule, “The fewer deletion or addition to the item the higher the value”. As they come from the past, antiques could have been through different owners that could result to depletion, replacement and even distortion of some of its parts. If an expert says the item is in a mint condition, it means that the piece is perfect with no repairs or no missing piece. If it is in excellent condition, it means that the piece has minor flaws and if it is good, it only implies that the item has suffered from a few slings or it has been repaired several times.