Top 5 Signs in Determining a Valuable Antique for Dummies

Have you ever purchased a furniture or home accessory before and you regret buying the item afterward? Well, your experience is actually common because the majority of homeowners like you have this certain attitude of buying the first item they like without thinking of any factors or facts to be considered. After your experience, have you learned from your mistakes? If yes, we are guessing that you are now opting for items that can hold its value even after its being used.

If you are going for more valuable items, then you are looking for antiques. To define, an Antique is commonly known as an old collectible item. People collecting these are called antique collectors and they have been collecting these valuable stuffs because of the item’s age that could at least be 100 years old. Now, antiques are not only collected by collectors, but they are also desired by thousands of households for the fact that antiques add a sense of warmth, history and character to their beloved house.

Whatever reasons you have in buying antiques you should always stick to these five criteria with an acronym of “RADAR”. This stands for rarity, authenticity, desirability, aesthetics and really awesome condition.

If you purchase a tienda de antiguedades online that meets the five criteria you had surely found an item with a great value. But first lets us discuss and define the criteria:

  • The Rarity of the Item.

How would you identify if an item is rare? You can easily determine if an item is rare if you know to yourself that the item is worth something, if no one in your block owns one and if no one has one in your area code you are entitled to owning a piece of item that has a pretty high value.

  • The Authenticity of the item.

How can you know if the antique you are yearning for is real authentic? As a buyer, you should not believe everything you see because a piece of furniture can look old but was manufactured yesterday. With our more advanced technology, identifying an authentic antique is really hard and often frustrating, so you should not only be smart, but you should also make a comprehensive research on the pieces of items you want to check whether the item is real antique.

  • The Items Desirability.

Generally speaking, antiques are described to be unique, weird looking, but still look classy. If you are going to purchase an antique, you must ensure that the item does not look rare but it should possess a whole new level of desirability to the extent that you cannot let the item go.

  • The items Aesthetics.

The majority of antique items are created with a uniqueness that makes it really attracting in the eyes of the buyers for it is a real masterpiece. Like the items you could see in art galleries, when these items last, they are considered as a valuable antique item.

  • The Real Condition of the Item.

You are aware that antique items could last a 100 year old. With the years it has been through there is a huge chance that things has already happened in an item affecting its appearance today. The rule with antique is, the lesser change, it goes through making the item worth more.